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With an agile approach we collaborate with your team to plan and execute the deployment and refresh of complex IT environments across multi-site or worldwide networks.
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Agile Project Planning

While comprehensive multi contingent project planning with zero go live hiccups is the goal, it’s rarely the reality. We take an agile project management approach with the ongoing work being as fluid as necessary to achieve the critical milestones. We work to manage the ever evolving list of competing priorities to achieve the long term deployment or refresh goals while keeping the wheels on the bus in the day to day.

Project Staging

As you know, planning and purchasing hardware is only the beginning. Of course we are a partner with the major OEMs and can provide the hardware, software, and services you need, but we can also prep, kit, and stage for the most effective deployment. Pre-shipment labs allow your engineers to securely config. Then, we can kit your project materials to be ready to rack and stack. Labeling, installing mounting hardware, kitting with cables – whatever you need for a successful project.

International Logistics & Deployment

If your entire network were just on the other side of the glass it would make things a lot easier – but it’s not. Multiple locations, make deployment and refresh difficult – especially when you are bringing product in from various sources. Shipping, duties, customs, import permits, and certification requirements make logistics a nightmare if you don’t do it every day. Fortunately we do. Having shipped orders to nearly every country in the world gives us valuable knowledge and experience that takes the headaches out of deploying and refreshing a worldwide infrastructure.

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Our Partnerships
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